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Grace Education Ministries for Niger is a non-profit, 501(c)3 organization dedicated to coming alongside the people of Niger in strategic ways. We aim to empower Nigeriens, and in particular young Nigerienne women, with academic and vocational training as well as spiritual discipleship.

Grace Academy, founded in October 2017 by GEM, and overseen by Aileen Chung, is a school dedicated to educating young women in Niger. In this country, less than 10% of school-aged girls have the opportunity to attend school, so the privilege of learning at Grace Academy is a great gift for these young women and for their families!  We know that receiving a quality Christian education will impact their future children, their extended families, their villages and their country.

In January of 2019, staff and students joyfully moved onto the permanent campus of Grace Academy. The rest of their academic year was completed in the newly constructed classrooms and dormitories. The school has begun Phase II of their construction which will include a building housing the chapel, the cafeteria, and the dispensary. In addition, the school is trying to repair its solar panels as well as find a new powerful generator to run the much-needed air conditioning unit in their sometimes 120 degree F heat! 


If the Lord leads you, please join us in this ministry. We need prayer warriors to lift up the students, teachers, and the school. Checks may be made payable to GEM for Niger.

Our Story, Grace Academy
How it all started
Interview with Aileen Chung, April 2016
Edited and published, April 2017
Our Story, Grace Academy
Aileen's Testimony (in Korean)
CTS Interview with Aileen Chung, Aug, 2021
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