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Grace Education Ministries for Niger is a non-profit, 501(c)3 organization dedicated to coming alongside the people of Niger in strategic ways. We aim to empower Nigeriens, and in particular young Nigerienne women, with academic and vocational training as well as spiritual discipleship.

Grâce  Académie , founded in October 2017 by GEM, and overseen by Aileen Chung, is a school dedicated to educating young women in Niger. In this country, less than 10% of school-aged girls have the opportunity to attend school, so the privilege of learning at Grace Academy is a great gift for these young women and for their families!  We know that receiving a quality Christian education will impact their future children, their extended families, their villages and their country.

In January of 2019, staff and students joyfully moved onto the permanent campus of Grace Academy. The rest of their academic year was completed in the newly constructed classrooms and dormitories. The school has begun Phase II of their construction which will include a building housing the chapel, the cafeteria, and the dispensary. In addition, the school is trying to repair its solar panels as well as find a new powerful generator to run the much-needed air conditioning unit in their sometimes 120 degree F heat! 


If the Lord leads you, please join us in this ministry. We need prayer warriors to lift up the students, teachers, and the school. Checks may be made payable to GEM for Niger.


Emmanuel Académie 

Ever since we began Grâce Académie, the parents of our students asked for a boys’ Christian school for their sons.  I’ve been telling them to pray for a person to get the vision to start a boy’s school. I asked around among the missionaries here to consider starting a boys’ Christian school.  Many agreed with me on the needs, but no one has yet actually begun the work. 


Recently I’ve been hearing more about boys in Niger becoming terrorists as our girls report situations in their villages every time they return from the vacations. My heart ached and knew without a doubt that Christian education was the only answer to this ballooning problem. I was hoping and praying that someone would begin the work to start the boys’ school as soon as possible.  I always thought it would have to be a man. Never in my dreams did I think that it would be me!  

All of a sudden this January, a large sum arrived from AFF to acquire five acres, and as the supernatural power of our mighty God worked all along behind the scenes, a 5 acre parcel of  flat land, just walking distance from Grâce Académie, became a part of us!  As I stood there looking at the vast land, which was given by AFF for the medical/health  project, a strong feeling for the boys’ Christian school swept over me!  I asked AFF if it was okay to have a boys’ school in one corner of the land, and thankfully, they welcomed the idea!  Then it hit me, ”what in the world am I getting myself into?!?!“ Here I thought I was done with construction as of last Fall, that I would not want to go through the headache and the tiring work of supervising construction work again…

For more than two years I suffered such terrible backaches and psiatic nerve pain that I truly thought God was now releasing me from the work in Niger. How many times already have I been traveling with my children’s photos and my personal belongs so that I would be ready to settle down at any time, anywhere God would put me down next!  Here I was in the mode of moving away from here, and yet God is starting another project, the largest ever in my life here in Niger!  I don’t know whether I should cry with joy or cry with disappointment — joy that God still considers me worthwhile to assign to another project, and disappointment that he would not release me to rest from these responsibilities. Just then I was awoken by Moustapha’s shout “Another miracle starts!”  I realize that God is telling me to keep going. Maybe that’s why God miraculously healed my back recently.

Without even thinking I uttered to Moustapha, ”We’ll accept twenty 7th graders this September.”   Moustapha let out a sigh and a laugh at the same time, saying that he could not believe how I thought it could be possible to begin a school in just a few months on this totally bare place. The strange affirming feeling filled me, the same feeling which led us all along as Grace grew each year — the same was happening with the new 5-ac land!  Just like I had done when we were given an empty lot to begin a school even before we had picked out the name for Grâce Académie, we began praying for the students and the teachers that would be coming to Emmanuel and Maranatha —  that each of them would be hand-picked by God, and that He would lead each of them according to His plan!  As we’ve seen how God grew the Grace girls to be His instruments in each of their villages as evangelists, may each of the new students that will be coming to these new schools this Fall also become passionate evangelists for God!  May all the glory be to God only!

​Maranatha Institut de Santé

The idea of having a vocational school for our graduates to continue their education in the job field has been looming in our hearts for some time, and it is finally coming together in front of our eyes now to begin accepting students this fall. 

As many of our Grace girls had painfully experienced losing their close friends to complicated childbirths, many of our girls wish to become mid-wives. We want to provide a clinic to be able to provide more extended professional help to surrounding villages than what we’re currently doing out of our school nurse’s office.  We would like the clinic to be oriented to help with childbirth especially.  

In addition, we hope to train medical technicians which this country desperately needs, such as lab technicians, x-ray technicians, ultrasound techs, as well as nurse’s aides, pharmacy aides, etc.  These three-year courses will be taught by local doctors and nurses, as well as visiting specialists from other countries. 

We need a lot of prayers as this is un uncharted field for us, unlike operating a secondary school which we’ve already done well in the last seven years. 


All three schools, Grace, Emmanuel, and Maranatha, will be based on holistic education of the entire student with a Biblical worldview. The two secondary schools will be free of tuition, but with the vocational school, we’ll expect the students to contribute in different kinds of work such as helping with teaching at one of our middle schools or helping out with cleaning, gardening, etc. Only the students that want to learn the Bible and grow in their faith will be accepted. Bible class will be a required course for everyone every week.  We want all our students as well as our teachers to walk closer to God growing together in the Holy Spirit. 


Maranatha Institut de Santé Construction, July 2024
Emmanuel Académie Construction, July 2024
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