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Amplify Corporate Giving with Benevity! 


Benevity provides a way for nonprofit charitable organizations to access and validate their eligibility for corporate giving programs, volunteer opportunities, and project funding.  

Benevity has verified that Grace Education Ministries of Niger is a registered nonprofit organization in good standing, meeting eligibility guidelines for corporate giving and matching, as well as ensuring the organization is compliant with non-discrimination, anti-bribery, and secular fund uses.

Benevity also provides a safe and secure modernized way for Crossroads Programs to receive and process electronic donations.  They provide automated receipts and reporting for the donor and organization.

Does your company utilize Benevity? 

Just search us by name: Grace Education Ministries for Niger or click the button.





For more information, please visit:

Questions? please contact :, Sarah Hong (650-996-8721)

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