Introduction of Muriel

My name is Muriel Nancy Sylvia Nounagnon ABOH Isaac Parfait. I am the third girl in my family with two older sisters, two younger sisters and two younger brothers. My family is Christian, but my father only drops us at church. We always go to church together with our mom. I received Jesus as my personal savior in May 2008, and got baptized on the 25th of December 2008. I studied Law during my first two years in the University, but I changed to an administrative major and graduated after three years. I got married to Josué KANGNIDE, in September 2018. We have two wonderful kids -- Solomon and James, 3 years old and 1 year old. I first met Maman Aileen at the English Club at a Church where I met Moustapha also in 2010 when I just finished my High School. Ever since then we have done many Bible studies at her place with university students, and sometimes sharing my personal life with her, and receiving advice and prayers. I learned a lot from her, and till now I am learning, praising God for her life as our Maman, my mentor. She was already helping girls in villages for their school fees, school supplies, and even food for school year even before, but when she talked about the vision to start a girl‘s school, personally, I thought it will be difficult and will take a long time to be realized, knowing our country, and with this specifics of being a girl’s school and teaching Bible. But as God says in the Bible (For my thoughts are not your thoughts, neither are your ways my ways, saith the Lord. Isaiah 55:8). His will for Nigerienne girls has been performed--Oh, God is great all the time, all the time God is Great! We saw step by step how God provided all our needs by different ways to start this school, it was just amazing, yes, it is still amazing, awesome!!

I have been working at Grâce Académie for 5 years now as an Admin and a teacher. It is just amazing how God operates in this school! We are impressed by the way GOD leads this school -- when we needed a teacher He provided, when we needed construction, He provided a way far better than we can even imagine, when we got tired passing through difficult situations, He strengthened us by His Word and by the people He sent to us. It is great, to be in this plan of God! Not just the students' faith but also our faith is growing in Jesus our Savior. We are a living testimony of His glory in this school!

The three months of Maman’s absence we worked hard to handle our responsibilities and lead the school by communicating with her every day. When it was difficult, Maman kept strengthening us by prayers and sharing the Word of God even at a distance. We are thankful to God -- she is back! We pray that she recovers her health in full. The school year ended June 18th , and all 7 girls that took BEPC National Exam passed their exams with success by God’s Grace! Now there remains 4 girls: Briskila, Hannatou, Leatou, and Loyis, to take the BAC. Prayers requests: - The 4 girls who are preparing National exam BAC July 18-22, 2022 - Teacher needs for the new school year - School registration and Tax problem - The interview trips we’ll be taking for the new applicants for the next school year - God’s wisdom for me to work well with the 100 students next year - For our needs of a new kitchen helper and a new dorm assistant - For my family, I am looking for a good babysitter for my kids while I am at work

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