Grace Academy Building Construction


Mr. Kim from Emmanuel Presbyterian Church, San Jose came in 1/31/18 to lead the construction.

He is staying in Niger for 7 weeks.

The foundations of three buildings (Building#1,#2,#3) were all done, and now walls are moving up.

Due to our limited funding, we can not finish the construction at once, but divided into three phases.

<Building Phases>

February~April, 2018

Phase 1 : Building #1 Student Dormitory, Building #2 Staff Housing, Building #3 Classrooms (1/2 size of the whole plan)


Phase 2 : Building #4 Cafeteria, Building #5 Chapel


Phase 3 : Extend Dormitory and Classrooms

* Please keep pray for the smooth construction process and enough fund to finish the building.

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