Pray for Grace Academy

Dear Brothers and Sisters in Christ,

We are thrilled that the Lord has opened

a way for Grace Academy in Niger to open this fall.

Please join us as we seek to support Aileen Chung,

visionary and founder of the school,

in prayer for this new, great endeavor.

Let us thank God for His provision;

Praise Him for His faithfulness;

Ask Him to equip Grace Academy with all that

they need for this inaugural year!

We hope you can join us in prayer wherevere you are.

Our collective prayers will cover and support Grace Academy and Aileen!


Sunday, October 15, 2017

at 7pm (PST)

Prayer Requests

1.Please pray that all the preparation for the Oct. 16th opening of Grace Academy will go smooth.

2.Pray for Youmali, whose face, arms, and the upper body are badly burnt. Her father passed away last year. She's been struggling to keep her grades up. Please pray that she will adjust well with the rest of the dorm students, and that she will pass the BEPC (junior high graduation exam) next July, so she can go on to high school.

3.There will be 5 different tribal (ethnic) groups in the dorm this year. Please pray that they'll overcome the tribal rivalry, and become one in the name of Jesus as they live together.

4.The staff also is from many different nationalities. Please pray that we will work well together, teach our subjects well, and be the Christian models to our students.

4.Especially pray for Amina Dori, our dorm parent. Although she is a good Christian who came to us with a high recommendation, she's never worked in this capacity -- teenage girls dorm, from all different tribes.

5.All the teachers are volunteer workers. Please pray that they will adhere to their initial commitment throughout the year, and that they would not suffer the financial hardships, but on the contrary, they'll experience a financial blessing!


Students 2017-2018


Youmali Bori Pabou


Briskilla Amadou

Leatou Gagara


Hanatou Tchamey

Sippo Djouri

Arthudjé Joura

Guarauta Bermo


Soumou Aroudéni


Muriel Aboh

José Dossou

Loveth Oluloto

Emily Graham

Esther Son

André Cessi

Zaberou Balarabe

Aileen Chung

Grade Guide

1st year middle school = 6eme

2nd year middle school = 5eme

3rd year middle school = 4eme

4th year middle school = 3eme

1st year high school = seconde

2nd year high school = primaire

3rd year high school = terminale

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