GRACE ACADEMY Grand Opening 10/16

Dear Friends and Family,

Hope this month’s exciting news will compensate the last month’s banal stories. As I reported our document finally being signed off, the two teachers that were in the teacher’s lounge at that time, jumped up and started dancing! Haha I am so grateful for Sahel Academy’s offer of desks, chairs, some textbooks, bookcases, and of course, all the prayers!

With the opening of the school only 2-weeks away, there’s still a lot to do to transform the house into a school/dorm – work on a bathroom, kitchen, partitions in the living room, blackboards to be made, dining table and chairs to be made, screen window repairs, some electrical work, much shopping to do to equip the kitchen (fridge, stove, pots and pans, dishes and cups, utensils, etc) and mattress for the dorms, school supplies and stationery, and the list goes on. It seems there are more things to add to the list every time I look at the list. Please pray for all the work to be done as well as all the workers that will be working there. May each of those workers be touched by the Holy Spirit! Also please pray for wisdom and strength for me as I have to make up the contract papers for the resident staff and volunteer teachers, and also all the regulations, daily class schedules and the rules for the students, etc, etc.

As the girls from the villages travel to Niamey to join Grace Academy, I am inviting (paying for their long bus fare) at least one parent for each student. We are planning a small opening service with the students, staff, the parents, and a few local pastors and missionaries on Oct 15th, the day before opening of the school. I would appreciate it if you’d remember to pray for us on that day! More than ever, I realize the limit of my brain. As my partners in this ministry, I would truly appreciate your suggestions and creative ideas.

Thank you for being there! All your support and encouragement is just invaluable to me!

In His grip,


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