Team from Emmanuel Church in San Jose, CA

Christmas season, it's the season when the families get together from near and far for cozy or grand gatherings around the special meals, and children opening the gifts that they long wished for. Yes, there are some that seek to give to unfortunate neighbors and convalescent homes for a quick stop. But, not many seeks to spend thousands of dollars to work for the poor in a very dusty, unhygienic place while living there for a whole week. That's what this team members did -some even with little children, some apart from their own families! Even before their arrival, I was so touched by their intentional visit, their motive, their heart, their love! From the first day until their departure, they were busy loving Nigeriens, other missionaries working here, and me! I am very, very grateful to each of them, to the church that supported them, and to all those who prayed for them! I also would like to express my gratitude to those who sent their love offerings, modern electronics, medicine, food, etc! May the Lord bless you in many more folds!

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