A plot donated!

Someone just pointed out to me that I still have not mentioned how I have obtained the land to build the girl's secondary school - we're calling it Académie de la Grâce (Grace Academy). Following is the copy the email I had sent to GEM board on Oct 13th: It's been a thrilling day because I experienced God's miracle again today! This lady that I've never met before (but have heard of her) contacted me wanting to see me. She had heard of my vision (I had the words out), and asked me to bring the architect plan. I think she wanted to see if I was really serious about building a school.

Apparently she owns many plots in Niamey, and donated a large plot in a very ideal area for the girl's school!!! Just a few days ago some people had told me not to dream silly...that no one was going to just donate such a large piece. But as I testified at my English Club/Bible study tonight that our job is to pray and to trust (believe), and not worry about the possibilities because it is God's job to do the miracle! Just because it's not possible in our brain, we often limit His power, but His power surpasses all our thoughts and understandings! The neat thing was that she was also thrilled to donate the land for the school such as what I was planning, because she was planning a very expensive, nice residential area just outside the border line of Niamey, but was thinking that she needed to come up with a good school to attract those rich people to buy the house there and move out. Even if this is out of her own selfish reason, I clearly see God's hand on this! God sometimes uses non-believers to help the believers to have His will accomplished!

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