New Vision!

This scholarship was created in hope to select two girls each year, for the ultimate goal of having 14 students (In Niger, secondary education is 7-years, junior high and high school together) on the scholarship at the same time.

However, I now realize that God’s goal is way higher than mine. Just recently, while driving on the freeway to a cell group meeting, I heard a clear voice, “Start a girls’ school!”. Even though I had no idea where to begin, as I began to share the idea carefully, I was bombarded with people that became excited about the idea and were eager to lend the helping hands! There’s a builder who already showed me a plan he has drawn for the school compound including the dormitories for the students and the staff in addition to the school classroom and the cafeteria buildings! I am a bit bewildered, but assured of this vision now as it’s becoming more and more clear that God is behind this! I still don’t know all the details, but would appreciate you begin praying with me for this vision, and a grand hope for the girls in Niger!

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