Thank you
for your support

New Year Message from Aileen Chung 


Dear prayer/financial supporters,


Growing from 7  to 70students, I am in awe of what your support have accomplished from 2017 to 2021 at and through Grâce Académie!  


I wanted to save them from being child-brides by giving them the popportunity to a free secondary education, but God’s plan was ever so higher — raising the passionate evangelists to go out into all parts of Niger!


Your support and prayers are bearing fruits all over Niger!


My heart is full with gratefulness to God for His leading for our school, and bringing each of you to the ministries in Niger and Grâce Acdadémie. 


May the peace and joy of our Lord fill your hearts and bless your families in all their lives and services!




January 4, 2022


notebook computers 

We are planning to bring the donated items to Niger in June 2022 

We are collecting digital devices for the Grace Academy Staff and Teachers.

Please donate your used (or new) smartphone, tablet, or laptop computer by the end of January. 

Collection Date: April-May, 2022 


                650-996-8721 (text: Sarah Hong)